The Beginning

I have had the idea of starting a blog for about six months now, but it has taken a while to get started. First of all, I’ve been working on getting my Masters degree in Fine Arts. Now that that is under my belt, the search for a job which will keep my head above water and for a  space to continue making work, must begin.

This blog is a sketchbook for me, a place I can keep working wit

h images and words, that doesn’t need much physical space…which brings me to the second excuse for taking so long to get going…I haven’t known where to start.

I enjoy writing and I’ve been told that other people like to read it. I have lots of ideas, interests, images and stories that I could share and muse over, but I haven’t been able to begin. It’s like when I used to paint and you are staring at a white canvas…there are too many options. And so, I will begin at the beginning…with my grandmother.

Phyllis Annie Lavinia Isaac aka Nana. She has been my style icon since my late teens. Even though she is no longer with us, I often get light-heartedly mocked for buying clothes that Nana would buy…and I love it. While working on my degree many stories about her and my grandfather have made their way into my work. Images of them are waiting to be used but I haven’t figured out how to use them without making work that is purely nostalgic. And so, I will bring them to this space instead.

The image I have chosen today is from WWII. As I have heard it, my nana and her sister Elsie (aka Aunty Em) decided to do a photoshoot, perhaps to send a photo to my grandfather while he was at war.

They had no beautiful gowns like in the magazines so they took a net curtain, wrapped it around them and snapped a photo. Shown from the waist up, they look as though they are wearing a strapless gown. I love these photos because they come alive only through a shared story. And so here she is, the beginning of it all for me…

Nana – Phyllis Annie Lavinia Isaac

and her sister Aunty Em – Elsie Mitchell


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