A Diary

As you may be noticing, I have decided to change the format of this blog. It will, from this day forward, be a diary of sorts.

I have often noticed that we only hear the stories of artists struggles, once they have already reached a certain notoriety. There is the inevitable ” if you work hard enough you will do well”, but as an artist with many artist friends I find this a difficult phrase to swallow. Of course, it depends on your expectation of what a successful artist is, but for many of us we do the work out of a drive to do it and success may never come.

And so, this blog will continue to be filled with the images and thoughts that I find compelling but will also be a diary of what an artist does each day, or what THIS artist does each day. I will be recording how many pleading emails I send, how many rejection letters I receive and the hours that I procrastinate over where to put the next line or stitch. I hope that it will be a real life record of my successes and failures and perhaps will open up this crazy career choice to some warmth and understanding.



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