# of applications sent this week – 1 (Aberystwyth Arts Centre Artist Residency)
# of rejections received this week – none 🙂
# of acceptances this week – none 😦
# of hours spent in the studio – none … but I don’t have one yet
# of hours spent packing and moving so that I can have a studio – 5
# of hours spent at Florence and the Machine concert – 2 beautiful hours
# of hours spent commuting to and from Florence and the Machine concert – 5

Yes we are finally moving out of the dungeon we have been living in for the 2 years of grad school.

We are moving into a ground floor suite with a beautiful garden full of yummy fruit and veg and an extra room for me to have a studio.

Me and Len are compulsive movers. It’s not that we like moving, in fact we hate it, but every two years at least, something makes the place we are living in untenable. There have been family troubles, money woes, but mostly it has been my addiction to returning to higher education. This time we are staying on Vancouver Island because Len (my hubby) has good work here, but are moving into a bigger, brighter place.

The island is not an ideal place for an artist. It is a beautiful, natural, wonder but the art scene often reaches no further than its shores. I am however, an advocate for making the most of what you’ve got and so I have a feeling that my work over the next few months may focus on what an island is and what it does to and for the people that inhabit it. After all, I am an island girl by birth. Not this island, but the islands of Great Britain. I was born in South Wales and the constant sound and smell of the ocean is in my very being.

The close proximity to tidal waters, seems to create a different kind of community, one that is unique to island life. Perhaps it is nothing more than the constant awareness of the land beneath our feet, invoked by the attack of the tides wearing away at the shore. Or is it that on an island we are all made aware that “no man is an island”? Community, story telling, sharing, these are the things that remain essential to life here, since an island is, in its form, cut off from all but itself.

This is the premise of my application to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Residency Program. To bring together these experiences of island life within a visual work. Let’s hope I get the chance. In the meantime I will get my studio together and start work here. If anyone has any ideas or sources I should be looking at for this new work I would love to hear from you. Please leave a message in a bottle, right here for this island girl 😉



Me and Len 10 years ago enjoying an island view


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