Island Time

# of ideas I have each week – at least 5
# that I follow through on most weeks – 1 if I’m good
# of hours spent feeling guilty – 36?

There is this thing called island time. It can be a contentious subject for island dwellers but, as a regular commuter between mainland and island, I insist it exists. There is something that happens on the open water that messes with time and how things get done. It’s not all bad; it decreases road rage and encourages introspection and appreciation, but it gives us a bad wrap with the busy, city folk.

Once again I have been on the ferry and am back on the mainland for a few days of work. This always fills me with a combination of excitement and anxiety. I miss the fashion and passion of the mainland but the tension can be too much to take when you’ve been away for a while. The two years I have spent living in Victoria have made a bit of an island girl out of me. It’s not that the island is lazy, lots of things get done, it is more in the manner that the day is spent. Like being in traffic; you can choose to enjoy the music or to scream and honk, but either way you get to your destination at the same time.

I guess I am pondering this after watching the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ for the first time. I was particularly struck by the notion of ” joy in doing nothing”. I would love to say that I have this talent, that island time has allowed me to find joy in the slow times, but the brain never stops. When I am doing nothing, I am usually feeling guilty about it, or coming up with a million impossible ideas for new art projects. This has become increasingly frustrating now that I am barely working.That guilt has a tendency to take over and actually stop me from doing the work for my art practice. I am given the gift of the time to do what I love and instead I mope around feeling guilty for not being too busy to do it. Ridiculous! And so, when I get back to the island, I am going to make goals for myself that I will post on this blog. I will keep you updated on my progress and I hope that this will lead me to enjoy the times when I am not doing anything. After all, if I have completed my goal I should be able to relax into the pleasant joy of doing nothing, and embrace island time in the knowledge that I couldn’t have done more elsewhere.

To anyone reading out there … you are now my motivation.



2 thoughts on “Island Time

  1. This is so true, island time does exist! I’m from the Isle of Lewis but now live in Edinburgh. I don’t go back too often so when I’m in Edinburgh doing the ‘art thing’ I feel guilty about the lack of island time but when I am there the guilt of not doing the art thing slowly creeps up on me.

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