the freedom to make mistakes and the joy in doing things wrong

I have been very busy this weekend exploring my new neighborhood. Our new place is almost right on the Colquitz Creek, which has an amazing trail system running along it. I have now followed these trails in both directions, allowing myself to get a little lost each time, before returning to the map and correcting course. This wandering is always invigorating. Keeping one eye on the creek for a vague sense of direction, and allowing its meandering nature to guide my other eye onto new things and places. Things and places that I would otherwise have missed if I’d followed the road.

This freedom to make mistakes and see where they may lead, has been my approach to relearning crochet. I read my instruction book and didn’t understand most of it. I decided to follow body memory and work through trial and error…it has worked for me in the past if not giving the totally desired results. I may need some extra wool, but it was worth it. So far, I have three rather odd shapes that were supposed to be circles, but for my own artistic purposes they may be of more use to me than perfect geometry. Plus, it was fun!

As a part time perfectionist, taking the time to make mistakes and look at the things that were wrong for their own merits, brings me a strange sense of joy. Because in secret I like messy, and broken, and imperfect, but I am also terrified of what others think. I want to do things right so that people know I can, but always following the directions doesn’t allow for the joy of the unexpected.

So my goal is for you this week…take a wander, do something on a whim, put away the instruction manual and let me know how it goes.



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