A Letter for Artists

# of days spent with my neice and nephew – 4
# of days spent with a cold/flu after seeing the kiddies – 4 so far
amount of work done – 1 ball of wool

Does anyone remember the time when we wrote letters?
Not just for fun but out of necessity.
I’m a little upset today, with the lack of replies to all of the job, residency and exhibition applications that I have worked on since January. They need not be positive replies but a reply would be nice all the same. I understand that many of the places I am applying for are not-for-profit and are probably understaffed. I also understand that the number of people applying is probably overwhelming. The opportunities with funding have shrunk considerably in the current world economy, and artists never give up. However, I do find it frustrating to not get any sort of acknowledgement of the effort put into applying. Each application takes at least 2 days of nonpaying work. Since January I have put together at least 30 applications and most of these I have never heard from again. I feel that since artists and the work they make, is what these places are all about, then a simple yes or no wouldn’t be too much to ask. Doesn’t email make this virtually costless to the institutions? Are we as artists really not worth a quick reply?

I think being sick has me a little low on patience, so please excuse this rant.

I will be back with a new, more uplifting post as soon as my nose lets me breathe.

Until then here’s a cute postcard from the days of snail mail and the polite reply.



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