Drawing From Life

# of rejection letters – 1 (at least it’s a reply)
# of tissues filled with grossness from this flu/cold – 1000
# of delicious peaches ready to eat fresh from the garden – 4

I can’t believe it is September. Our summer here in BC took a while to get going, but now it is gorgeous outside and is supposed to stay this way for a while. Of course, I have somehow had an out of season flu this week and so have been down right miserable. My hubby is also away, so we have been unable to enjoy a good August camping trip this year. Saying that, we have moved into a new place with an amazing garden (see mention of fresh peaches above) and this is where I decided to spend my morning.

As I have mentioned previously, I am working on a new art project about island life and island metaphor. It is my attempt to make the most of where I am, until some kindly organization gives me the opportunity to explore where I am not. Where better to begin this exploration than my own backyard… well my landlords backyard? I have always loved to draw and have often focused on the human figure. Since I am shy, and most of the people I know are busy or fidgety, I have been tied to the photograph as a means of slowing down time, so that my hand can accurately capture the subject. This has its benefits, but there is something lost in the process, something edited in the click of the button. Today, I decided, for a change, to look at the many flowers in the garden. They seemed like a still and silent bunch, who may be up for a portrait sitting. I was wrong…it seems that even flowers like to sway in an island breeze, they get caught up in a conversation with the butterflies and bees, and there is no stopping them from moving.

I have some drawings though. Little sketches that have reminded me how much I like to draw the world as well as the mind. It is so easy to get caught up in thinking and reading about a project rather than doing something about it. These may not be anything to do with the final work but they are an important part of the process. A reminder of what is right outside the door.

(I’d like to thank my artist friend Violette, for reminding me to step outside as she has done with her hollyhock drawing)




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