String Figures and Cats Cradles

# of hours until hubby gets home – 4
# of rejection letters – another 1 to add to the pile
# of days I will be working at my favourite clothing store Plum – 4

Do you remember playing Cats Cradle?

Apparently it is one of the many forms known as string figures.

There have been people making these shapes for centuries, all around the world. Sometimes they are abstract, sometimes they are recognizable figures or objects, and sometimes they involve the performance of an oral story. Isn’t it amazing that a piece of thread can have survived all of the technology we have developed, to still be a form of entertainment?

I am increasingly fascinated with the way that thread is integral to our human development. We wear it, we weave it, we knit it, we embroider our names with it, we play games and tell stories all with a twisted line.

I found this image while doing some online research and I find it so beautiful. It seems to tell a story, one in which the body and the thread are eternally woven together.



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