Giving, Making, Thanking, Eating

# of proposals prepared and ready to send out – 4
# of days until Canadian Thanksgiving dinner – 3
# of my mother in laws amazing sausage rolls I plan on eating – 12+

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend is almost here, and I am eager to indulge in the yumminess. Since we emigrated to Canada in 2000, I have developed a love affair with this holiday. The weather is often still pleasant, the trees are turning their amazing range of colours, the salmon are entering the rivers and we get to have turkey without the pressures of Christmas. And then there is pumpkin pie. I was doubtful of this strange brown pie. I wondered how a pumpkin could be served with cream, and then I tasted the cinnamon heaven. Cinnamon, pumpkin and cream are the most delightful collaborators.

In the spirit of collaboration, and reliance on the brilliance of others, I have requested that a friend of mine collaborate on an exhibition proposal with me. Since receiving our Masters degrees in May, we have both been independently slogging away at proposals and applications hoping to get our art careers off the ground. Despite living on opposite sides of the country, I and fellow artist Jessica Patricia Kichoncho Karuhanga, have decided to join forces on a potential project and weather the impending winter of our artistic enthusiasm together.

I choose to mention this here, because it is easy to get discouraged as we sit at our screens, typing away, in the hopes that someone will connect with our words. But we are not alone, those likes and comments are enough to cheer a day and I thank all of you who have shared your thoughts so far in my blogging journey. It is my hope that this collaborative energy that sometimes arises and evokes inspiration for new words, will apply to my artistic goals also. That the power of two can make each of our individual work better, clearer and more compelling.

So cheers (with a pumpkin spice latte) to the fun of collaboration, the power of community and the chance to give thanks with food.

Our garden harvest


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