For Love or Money?

# of applications sent last week – 5
(Thank you to my artist friend Sasha Opeiko)

My husband has had a job offer to go to Edmonton. Since neither of us really want to live there, we are left deciding whether we move for the money or stay for the love of our current home. As an artist without steady work, I am free to go anywhere and the money would be a great help. So what decision should we make?

It seems that as artists we often find ourselves in this predicament. Do we keep working on what we love or do we resign ourselves to a job that will provide us with a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and an ipad in our hands? Do we live for the love or for the money?

In an article published on in August, Maureen Henderson asked “Are Creative Careers Now Reserved Exclusively For The Privileged?” She ponders how anyone can enter into the world of museums, magazines and galleries when to get work you must offer your services for free. It seems that while most disagree with the unpaid internship, this continues to be the only means of meeting those who might finally offer us a career in the creative fields. I think that anyone who has searched for work in a gallery, has faced the decision whether hours of volunteering and internships will be worth the small chance of gaining a position in our favoured creative institution. In our current economy these positions have become all the more precious to those who hold them.

For myself, I tend to follow my loves, in the belief that I could be gone tomorrow. Since I don’t have kids yet, the money would mean nothing but I like to think the work would still exist. In the case of the move to Edmonton, it is a little more complicated since it is not my career that we are deciding on. I hope that since we have each other, we could live anywhere and be happy. Len’s love is fishing and he works for the weekends, when he can hike to his favourite spot and enjoy the water…this may be more difficult when all around is snow and ice. All I know is life likes to throw a curveball so who knows what will influence our decision by next week.

Where will this path take us?


2 thoughts on “For Love or Money?

  1. A good relationship is the most fascinating of landscapes, aspects of which include safe havens, unchartered territory and inclement weather. Love brought me literally to a very different country, one that I would not have chosen for myself. Now I have two countries, two sons and a broader vision of the world, relationships and myself. Great writing and sharing in your Blog. Edmonton Shmedmonton, all great experience whatever you both decide.

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