An Apology

# of proposals sent – 1
# of days at work this week – 5
# of square inches completed on my new drawing – 18+

The first day of November has come to an end.
And with it my silence.
I owe you an apology dear reader.
I have left you alone for almost a whole month.
I seem to have lost my words.
It is not that I have lost my thoughts.
Only the means of saying them in a literate fashion.
I think that maybe images will have to suffice for now.

Last month I began crocheting a scarf, it is about half done and I have learnt three new stitches in the process.


I have also begun a new drawing. It will be in three parts and each will be approximately 48 by 56 inches. I think it may be epic. In the way that a story can be epic. The image is of a ship wreck. A modern day ship wreck, where a persons dreams are dashed by fate and nature. I will give you a glimpse of the beginning…


Sometimes I find words a battle. I’m sorry.


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