To Be Able To Speak


I watched the American election numbers rolling in last night.
With millions of others world around I watched Obama’s acceptance speech.
Despite being a Brit living in Canada, I found it uplifting … and I thought, why don’t all of our leaders speak to us in this way?
Can’t they at least try to bring us together as human beings and acknowledge our commonalities as well as our differences?
And why is it that I myself am incapable of such bold communication?

The image above is of another famous speech maker, Winston Churchill. It is a tiny painted sketch by the artist Graham Sutherland and can be found at the National Portrait Gallery in London. I love it for its obvious speed of execution, for the tiny, pencil notes on colour that are evident throughout the painting and told the artist where colours should be that couldn’t be executed. I love it for it’s boldness of colour but sensitivity of form. I love that it is unfinished and unpolished but communicates all I need to know just the same.

This is what I want as an artist. To communicate.
But in my own flawed, unpolished but bold and sensitive way.


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