A Note On Remembrance


I feel the need to say a few additional words about Remembrance Day.
I dislike what Remembrance Day can sometimes become, a media manipulation of peoples experiences of war for government propaganda and a justification of their military choices.
It seems that sometimes we forget what we are supposed to be remembering; the absolute devastation of war.
I would not want to live in a world that doesn’t take a day to remember those that have been lost through war or have suffered because of it.
It often seems that Remembrance Day is used as a day to celebrate soldiers rather than a day to remember past wars and discourage future ones.
In the United States perhaps this is different since the holiday is called Veterans Day which definitely has different connotations. It is still Remembrance Day in Canada and so should be about exactly that.
“Lest We Forget” is a warning against war, a call to remember the horrors and sacrifices of war so that we will not blindly and lightly walk into another one. It is not a pat on the back for every soldier that has ever lived, but a wail of sorrow for the loss of life and dignity that many soldiers and citizens have faced.


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