My magazine habit


I have a magazine habit. My favourites are fashion magazines, although I am also mildly addicted to house ware and art magazines. They take over my bags and my tables. They are stacked under my bedside lamp. They are piled under my coffee table. They live in a basket in my studio. And these are just the ones I have chosen to keep.


I keep every March and every September issue of Vogue.
You know the fat ones, with a million ads, that over the next few months will become familiar and dictate the clothes we see in the stores. Sometimes I keep a magazine for an article, or sometimes for a photo shoot. Sometimes I will keep one just because I like the cover. I’ve tried magazine apps but, as with my books, I cannot give up the appeal of the page. The magic is in the flipping.


I often read my magazines backwards. I like going against the way it was intended to be viewed. I like to peek at the horoscopes first, which are usually placed in the last few pages. If I am seated on a bus, or on the couch, the magazine seems to sit easier if I work through it from back to front. My dad, who rarely reads, also works backwards when he reads a magazine. A very strange coincidence of habit.


Sometimes I need to cleanse myself of all this delicious paper in my life.
The glossy pages turn from tempting to threatening.
This is when I open The Book.


The Book is where those little images that I can’t give up, go to hide from the recycling. It is my bible of inspiration when I cannot figure out what to wear or how to wear it. When I am out shopping, images from The Book spring into my mind, begging me to find this or that piece to make my new favourite outfit. The Book contains the make up and hairstyles that I love and have yet to try.
I love The Book.


It began as a fun little project for the images I couldn’t bare to let go of. However, I think its real conception may have been at my Nana’s kitchen table in Wales at Christmas. The catalogues for clothes and toys would be pulled out, as would the scissors and glue and felt tip pens. We were occupied for hours with making our Christmas lists to Santa. Collaging together all of the things we wished we could play with.


Now I make my own book of wishes and, as an adult, I can go out and find ways to make these things my own. The Book is my guide for the consignment store and my inspiration to adapt what I already have…and now I am sharing a piece of it with you!


P.S. I love blue painters tape…it’s great for pinning inspiration down!



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