My Magazine Habit Gift-Wrap – a solution for the guilty pleasure


Everyone in my family is used to my inventive [that’s what I choose to call it] wrapping of gifts.
For someone who has far too much paper in her house, art papers, magazines and books, I am strangely resistant to the concept of traditional wrapping paper. It seems such a waste when it is ripped and strewn across the floor, and there is nothing individual about store bought papers. I have wrapped in brown paper, newspaper, teacloths and craft paper. I have decorated with bows and ribbons and glittery stamps. But my favourite way to wrap, is the one that relieves the guilty pleasure of my magazine habit.

For the last few years, every Christmas, I gather the gifts that I have bought together under the tree. I make a hot chocolate with something naughty in it, and I pull out all of the magazines that I no longer need to keep. As mentioned in my previous posts, these magazines have been filtered through and removed of the images that I can’t live without. These images have been smuggled away into The Book and now the magazine is free to leave my life. But first, it holds one more purpose. Gift Wrap. This is how I do it.

For each person I comb through the magazine finding images that fit a colour palette or theme made just for them.
These pages are torn out and I tape them together, being careful to cover ripped edges except when they are particularly beautiful.
I keep taping until I have one big sheet, big enough to surround their gift.
The gift gets wrapped in this recycled, personal, paper.
This year I have made tags from coloured paper and attached them to the gifts with silver thread.
I am still shopping but I wrapped a couple, for my own indulgence and for you to see.



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