Out West


Since moving to Canada, I have been fascinated with the idea of West-ness.
The desire to move further away from civilization.
To go where life is just a little wilder.
I have moved from Vancouver to Victoria, putting water between me and mainland Canada.
And now, I have finally made the trip to the other side of the island, the west side.
We spent the weekend in the surfing, fishing, whale watching, hippy town of Tofino. Sitting on a peninsula, with its back directly to the Pacific Ocean, this tiny town of amazing beauty is as west as it gets.

There are giant old growth trees still standing straight after 500 years. And those that are even older lying on the ground as food for new life.



There are swells and waves direct from the ocean, crushing shells into beautiful sandy beaches and drawing surfers from around the world.



There are sea lions and whales and sea otters and eagles and wolves and cougars and bears and more if they allow you to see them.



But mostly there is quiet behind the roar of the ocean and life in the peace of the forest.



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