A Spring Time Dilemma

As winter finally turns its back on us, I am once again reminded of the Spring Time Dilemma.
To work or not to work that is the question.
All winter it has been easy (or easier) to get things done.
To walk the twenty steps from the couch to the studio and plug away at some project until the mind gets lost in it.
But Spring, oh Spring.
The sun is shining, the air is warm, the flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing.
Who would want to stay indoors even to do something you love?
By summer the heat will only allow for a certain amount of time outside before my pale and freckly skin threatens its stinging vengeance.
Spring is my time to bask.
I am heading back to the mainland for work tomorrow evening.
I should get some studio time in before I leave.
But Spring!
And the rain is threatening to come for the weekend so it would be a pity to waste these rays of warmth.
What should I do? This….


or this?


I think I’ll have another cup of tea outside and think it over!


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