Small Spaces

As many of you will know, I have been tirelessly plugging away at trying to find two things.

#1- Employment in the arts, preferably as a Visual Arts Instructor
#2- Places to show my work, preferably that pay artist fees

These two things take up much of my “spare” time. The rest is spent in the studio working on the making part of being an artist or commuting to the mainland and working at the clothing company that has helped me get by with a few hours of employment here and there.

This last year has been tough. Lots of rejection letters, lots of not hearing back from places that I spent hours putting together applications for, and lots of travelling back and forth to make a little money to cover my student loan payments. But I get to be an artist, which is what I wanted.

I am not sure if any of this is going to change in the near future. However, in a bout of frustration I decided to contact a little local space called The Ministry of Casual Living. They have a small window space here in Victoria in which they put together exhibitions. Tomorrow I will be showing a piece of my work in this window for 8 minutes as part of their event ‘100 Artists In One Day’. It will not pay, it will not last long, it will not have an opening or a catalogue, but it is doing something. The biggest frustration in this early career process is the feeling of absolute helplessness. Someone else is always deciding if you are worthy or if the work fits in to a bigger picture. This show is about fun and community, not value and suitability.

I have heard of other spaces like this and I will now be trying to fit in the time to show wherever I can. I am tired of waiting for the chance to prove myself. At least in the small spaces I can experiment with new work and when something bigger comes along it will be ready. Perhaps I should have been doing this already. I think pride got in the way. But I am done with the waiting game. I need deadlines and experiences.
So hooray for the small spaces and the anonymous people who run them!



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