Making and Waiting

May/June is always a busy time for me.

I am currently waiting for my interview to be an artist in residence at the Kent Harrison Ranger Station in Harrison, BC. I am one of three artists shortlisted for the position and would love this opportunity to work out. Distracting me from this nervousness are numerous birthdays, events and anniversaries that all keep me on the run at this time of year. The cost of gifts and parties can get pretty high. I seem to know a lot of Gemini’s, myself included, and since I am still waiting for a job or art opportunity to pursue, this has left money a little tight.

Recently, I decided to work on designing some fabrics through the site Spoonflower. It is a website that allows you to upload photographs or drawings and arrange them into a design that can then be printed onto a variety of fabrics and purchased. I have designed a couple and am working on many more. Since I needed a few birthday presents, I ordered some of my designs to see how they look and made a couple of cushions as gifts.

The first was for my mother-in-law. The original image was a photograph of a misty morning. It has been mirrored and repeated to create a pattern and then I ordered it printed on a cotton and silk blend. I backed the cushion with a neutral grey fabric and hand stitched her name on it.


With that one done, I worked on one for my seven year old niece. This one was a coloured chalk drawing. I had it printed on cotton and backed it with a bright yellow fabric. They seem to have been a hit! I have put a few images here and if you’d like to look at my designs, please take a look. They can also be purchased as gift wrap and wallpaper which could be fun. The start of another adventure?




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