Fabric Fantastic!

I have been working on a little side project. A little bit of fun.
I set up an account at Spoonflower.com, a marvellous site where you can upload drawings, photographs and designs and create your own fabric. They can print on several different types of fabric or on wrapping paper and mail it to you by the yard.

i have been taking some of my favourite architectural, wildlife and floral photographs that are hidden away on my computer and turning them into fabulous fabrics. This week I received my sample sheet. I have checked the colours, edited out the designs that don’t seem to be working and have opened up shop. From the 8×8 samples I am making my own handkerchiefs using a hand stitching method I found online at the website purlbee.com. I think they will be very handy for wiping the smudges off my sunglasses all summer and just to make me smile. I’m the kind of girl who gets a kick out of a fantastic fabric lining inside a coat or a bag.

Here are a few I have been working on. Feel free to visit my fabric shop any time you want!




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