little bits of inspiration

As you may know from previous posts, I am showing some work in a group exhibition in September. I had an idea that I would be expanding upon my recent island/mountain project. This project began with me making a crocheted form that resembled an aerial view of a mountainous island.

The form that emerged (seen here in the process of unravelling) when lifted created a hat that resembled a mountain. Of course, I had to wear it, and a new drawing was begun.

Some other work developed from this triangular shape but I always had, in the back of my head, the desire to unravel the piece and make it into something new but similar. With the opportunity to exhibit, the unravelling has begun and the remaking is exciting.

The exhibition is taking place at the White Rock Museum and Archives. While perusing their online image archive I came across this picture.

This image, dated 1912, shows two young girls outside a tent while a building is being constructed beside them. The form I am creating will have the crocheted element making up the dark triangle of the tent, and canvas making the rest of the construction. Once again a concern with shelter, home and place enters my work. I am particularly intrigued by this image of women or girls involved in the process of settlement.

Anyway, I am back to work on the mainland this week and I have my niece visiting for a few days after that. You may not hear from me for a while but the work is still in progress and I will be back with an update soon!


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