Technology and Teaching

I just finished an interview on Skype for a teaching position.
This is something I hadn’t had to do yet and scared the crap out of me.
I have heard that it is becoming more and more popular as people stretch out beyond their immediate communities looking for work and new experiences. I think it went well. But, it is so difficult to tell how someone is reacting to you with the delay of a wireless video feed and the lack of a goodbye handshake. While it is surely better than a phone interview, there is something so distancing about a video interview, looking at a panel of people sitting at a table. I think we expect more from people on screen than we do in person. The small gestures and nervous laughter don’t translate. Of course, I think that was also my first panel interview so this would also play into the difference in feeling. It has been a morning of firsts.

I have always been a bit fearful of technology particularly in teaching. There are so many things that can go wrong, so many glitches in technology that doesn’t belong to you and only so much time to practice before hand. Teaching is very much a performance that when interrupted can lose the interest of the viewer/student. And yet, I have this blog that reaches out to people all around the world and my website that allows me access to my work wherever I am, so technology isn’t all awkward interactions.

Maybe it is just something to get used to.
I must learn how to go on with the show even when all the lights go out.



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