I began this blog to engage with and document the process of living as an artist.
So far this year has been a strange ride.
I have written more proposals than I ever thought possible.
There have been positive responses, lack of responses and those that just say No.
I have made new work, destroyed new work, procrastinated over new work and sat on the couch eating potato chips.
The job search has been heinous (a favourite word of my hubbies).
There is little out there and many enduring the search.
All of this is to say that the process of being an artist is only 10% in the making and 90% in the doing of other stuff.

Last week I had an interview for a sessional instructor position. I didn’t get the position but I did get feedback. Getting some sort of personalized response to the effort I put in cut through the dejected feelings and actually made me feel that the experience was worthwhile.

This post is a request to any arts administrators, professors, curators and other professionals to try and take the time to give feedback. We are all busy but we also have the luxury of a technology that speeds up our communications. If someone has taken the time to put together an application, then take the time to respond to it. You are making a contribution to a community in doing so.
I also encourage all artists and job seekers to ask for the feedback we need, with it we can grow.

I couldn’t find a pic for this post…when in doubt put a bird on it


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