Prep Work

In preparation for the exhibit Painting On The Edge at Federation Gallery, I am busy figuring out how to lug a 96 x 40 something inch drawing, in two pieces bound together by delicate threads, on a ferry to the mainland and then into Vancouver by the delivery date.

Why do I do this? I ask myself that question quite often.
Not only is the work fragile but it also needs to be hung by a gallery staff that I don’t know and I am chewing my cheeks just thinking about it.
This morning I mounted the smaller section to black foam core board using a combination of acid free double sided tape and non-yellowing spray glue. This was a messy task and complicated by its attachment to the larger section. Both had to be laid on the floor, the larger piece covered with cloth so as not to get all sticky, the threads tucked away, and then both the foam core and back of the drawing sprayed, adjusted and stuck down. Next I spent an hour cutting out the centre, trimming the edges and filing down the rough bits with my nail file … which is now destroyed. This section will have hangers attached to the back that should, fingers crossed, hold its position nicely.

The large section is even more tricky.
Since I have to transport it, I will be rolling it gently and loosely just before the journey. Once I arrive I will have to find a spot to unroll and let the paper rest back into shape. A long strip of foam core has been cut to be attached to the top of the drawing so that the paper hangs nicely, casting a gentle shadow on the wall. The foam core strip has wedges cut out of it at an angle so that it can hook over a couple of nail heads and stay secure. I just hope this all doesn’t turn into a disaster.

This is what I look like now. I dread to think what I’ll be like by the end.
Wish me luck!

oh and this is the studio floor!



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