Can I hide under a blanket of rock?


I just finished my interview for the Gower College Residency.
I didn’t sleep well last night. I tossed and turned and woke at least ten times.
I awoke at 8am thinking I would have two hours to prepare myself.
I check my email.
I see a message on my skype account; it says ” We’re ready. Are you there?”
I run around in a mad scramble put some clothes on, brush my hair, answer the call and declare that I screwed up the time difference.
I probably could have lied. Claimed technical difficulty, but that’s just not me.
The interview? I think it went well. I felt a little flustered and my voice broke down in that morning croak a couple of times.
They laughed, which gives me some hope.
When did I become incapable of working out an eight hour time difference?
Can I go back to bed now?
No. I will face the day and another meeting this afternoon.


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