Setting Up


Today is set up day for the exhibition
Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Transformative Power of Crafts.
The show will be open to the public at the White Rock Museum and Archives from this Friday until October 15th.

It has been a long run since I received a call asking me to be in this exhibition.
I decided to show an already made work and to create an all new one from pieces I have been working on all year. The crochet form I chose to work on took all summer to finish. I still have grommets to put in place this morning before it can be attached to the wall. I framed my small drawings last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance.

I can’t head to the gallery until this afternoon but I may be having a chat with someone from the BC Arts Council this morning about travel grants. I sent off my first application to the Canada Arts Council on Monday night, rushing to beat the ‘first day after the long weekend’ deadline in a four hour marathon of photo and text tweaking. The next ones have deadlines in November so I can perfect things for that round.

Tomorrow will be a relax day so expect to see a new post with some sneak preview images from the show set up. I have a fancy new camera that I will be putting to use for documenting, so wish me luck!


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