A Break


I am taking a break.
Me and the hubby will be leaving town for ten days as of tomorrow.
We are going to drive and camp out and enjoy early fall in BC.
Our plan is to go as far north on Vancouver Island as we can get.

The opening reception for Rock, Paper, Scissors went well.
There was a good attendance, the artists were happy and I may have made a few new contacts. Thank you to everyone for their hard work in putting it all together.
Thank you most of all to my friend Amanda Sittrop who invited me to be a part of it and worked her butt off getting it all to look fabulous.

I rushed to the ferry terminal after the opening and made it onto the last ferry to the
island. I had been on the mainland for ten days and was ready to be home.
In that ten days I had set up a show, picked up a work from another show, applied for a travel grant, talked to another government body about the possibility of a travel grant,
attended an opening and worked at my retail job for seven days.

I am ready for my break.
I love camping and am hoping that the weather stays reasonably mild for us to make the most of it. I will share a ton of pics, when I get back, of the wonderful BC outdoors, but you won’t be hearing from me for a while. Once I return there will be more chaos as I get ready for my residency and I will be preparing for several other art possibilities in the next year or so. Keep checking in!


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