The Cowardly Lion (that’s me)

I was once told by a close friend that when we first met (we were about 8 or 9) they were scared of me. This was because I had lots of hair and big eyes and looked like a lion. If I am a lion it is the cowardly lion.

I am scared of everything.
Heights, being alone, roller coasters, success, failure, people liking me, people not liking me, being seen, being invisible…everything!
I am afraid to go on this residency because I will be away from home for a long time without my usual support system.
I am afraid to do the acrylic workshop I have been asked to do because I might not be any good at it.
I am afraid of continuing on the art path because it may leave me broke and angry.
I am afraid not to continue because I will always wonder what if?

I am trying to channel my fears.
Maybe if I write them down they will not appear so scary.
Maybe if I have shared them publicly I will no longer have to be afraid of everyone finding out.

My sister will call this a mental health day!
I will spend it with my cowardly cat.



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