New News, Old News, Good News, Bad News

It has been a busy, haphazard couple of months.

I am not sure how it is mid-October already and I am still ill-prepared for my upcoming artist residency.

This post will be a list of what is going on, as much for my benefit as for your entertainment.

I hope that it reveals a little about my life as an artist although it may have more to do with my ability to create chaos.

– Yesterday I picked up my work from the Rock, Paper, Scissors show in White Rock.
The exhibition seems to have been well received and it was fun to show work in a community that I have ties to. I met some people and reconnected with some people and added another show to the CV.

– Last night I went into Vancouver to meet with a curator about participating in a group show at Black & Yellow Gallery. It went well and it seems I will be in an exhibition in November with a whole new group of people to meet. The connections are flowing.

– I am running an acrylic mediums workshop at an art store in White Rock to make some money for my trip. Lots of prep work to get done for that.

– The three month artist residency in Wales begins in January. To be ready for it I am fundraising on Indiegogo, getting insurance and criminal record checks for working in the college, thinking about workshops I can provide for the students and pondering what clothes I will take with me!

– The last five days I have been at work on the mainland making some cash to help pay for those flights to Wales

– I am working with Open Space Gallery in Victoria and possibly Flask Publishing to put together an artist book project on String Figures. We are putting together a grant application for December and are hoping to get things going on the project beginning in June of next year.

– Talking of grants, I have applied for travel grants from the Canada Council of the Arts and the Alumni Association at UVIC in the hopes that they would like to support my artist residency.

– The ankle I sprained 4 weeks ago is getting better but still swells up like a balloon if I am on it for too long.

– Ummmmmmm … I think that’s it for now … is that enough? I can’t complain though. It is much better than a few months ago when nothing seemed to be working out. Wish me luck!


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