Art : Business Style

Today I have been emailing around trying to find out how to get Public Liability Insurance for my three month residency at Gower College in Wales. I didn’t see that one coming! All of a sudden, with the prospect of sharing my work in a public setting and perhaps making a little money, there are all sorts of things to think about that no-one ever mentioned in art school.

Because I will be using a studio space in a public college and working with students I have to have liability insurance. There are art societies that offer it with their membership but since I don’t permanently reside in the UK anymore, I don’t qualify. Of course, I will be asking the college for more details, but in the meantime I have been sending out emails to insurance providers to figure out what they think I should do.

I am also waiting to get my national insurance number sent to me since it has long ago been lost in thirteen years of moving. I need that and a criminal record check to run workshops in the college.

In the back of my mind is also the thought of filing taxes next year. I have never filed as an artist before, because I haven’t made money, but since there is an honorarium involved I need to get my shit together. I have a file of receipts that I don’t know what to do with and a million questions. Plus, I believe I will have to file in the UK after the residency. It’s crazy how much paperwork has suddenly entered my life. Until a few weeks ago, all of my bills, tax info etc. was in two boxes and three bags in the studio in no particular order. That’s sorted now but I think I may be needing some help with this tax thing.

More internet research to do, so wish me luck! A cup of tea and girl guide cookies should help 😉



3 thoughts on “Art : Business Style

  1. Good luck! All sounds very exciting. You’ve maybe already checked out a_n magazine – they provide public liability insurance with subscription however, you might run into the same ‘not a resident’ scenario.

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