New News, Old News, Good News, Bad News (second edition)


I managed to go to a couple of openings last night, which is always an achievement for me.
They are always timed when I am out of town or I get all worked up over the social schmoozing and chicken out.
It was great to see some paintings by Sandra Meigs and work by the UVIC Visual Arts faculty
I also bought myself a rather nice drawing table for the studio which allows me to sit in a chair rather than contorting into strange non-yoga positions to make a line on a page.
I used my Opus Art Supply gift Certificate that I won in September and so it was free!

I am still 30 years young.
Me and the hubby went out to eat last night and got ID’d by a very young waiter.
It has only been 11 years since I turned the legal age to drink in Canada. Ha ha!

Things have been going pretty well around here when it comes to art type stuff.
I will be in a group show in Vancouver on December 5th titled Family Ties with Black & Yellow Gallery.
The residency in Wales is fast approaching in January and my friends and family helped me raise $500 towards my flight.
I will be working on an artist book project concerned with string figures which will include a production residency at Open Space next fall and the help of flask publishing.

Some of those applications sent out to artist-run centres from March through June are now getting back to me with replies.
There are lots of ‘No Thank you’s’ to go through and while I try to keep positive and remember that I couldn’t fit them all in anyway, it still gets you down to see those words.
I also got a ‘Maybe next time’ from the Canada Council for my residency travel grant application.
It was my first attempt and so to be expected, but it would have been nice to have some extra financial support for the trip.
I do still have an alumni grant application out there. Only time will tell.


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