Christmas Craft – A tree without a tree

It is the beginning of the busy season. Presents to buy, events to attend and more shifts at work.

Since we will be spending most of the Christmas season away from home, and I will be leaving for Wales on New Years Day, we will not be having a christmas tree this year. It is not the first year we have opted out. While I love the smell of a real tree at Christmas we often spend only a small amount of time at home during the season and it seems pointless decorating the drying branches for the enjoyment of my cat alone. Of course, this does not mean that the decorations are left sitting in the box.

A few years back, when me and the hubby first moved in together, we purchased a small metal tree. It stands only about 24 inches high and was perfect for the small number of decorations that we had at the time. This tree would be drowned in decorations now and so I have opted to only put the small baubles on it and the tiny lights that my sister found for me that first year. I love my decorations and so to still be able to enjoy them while I am home, I have made a tree without a tree.

Using push pins, I have attached our favourite decorations to the wall in a triangular shape. They make a lovely wall piece that will take only moments to tidy away in the New Year and allow us to fully enjoy the christmas trinkets and the memories they carry.


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