Jet Lag Jottings

I am in Wales! And for the last two days I have been lounging around, trying to get adjusted to the change in time.
The trip took 17 hours in total and that is not counting the 2 hours spent waiting for the flight at the airport.
After a good nights sleep I was feeling quite fine and unaffected by the dreaded jet lag.
Today, however, I have been a little on the slow side.
I spent a few hours last night wide awake. My mind was mulling over all the artful things that I could get done during this three month excursion.
I might make a video work, I will be doing some collages and I must get some fabrics to work with.
Tuesday is my first day at the studio and I feel more like a new student than a resident artist. Trying to figure out the buses, where everything is and what time to get there. Of course, I know Swansea from my childhood and I have family and friends here to help.
There is still paperwork to file and materials to source, so there may not be some visible work for a little bit.
I believe I have to do a presentation when I arrive and describe the workshops I have planned for the semester. A little intimidating but definitely nothing compared to doing the Masters Thesis presentation.
I think I will go to bed now. I have just finished watching a show with Stephen Fry and it is 12:45 am.
Hopefully I will get a slightly more normal night of sleep now that I stayed up a while.
Good Night!


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