A Wander through Swansea Town

Okay it is a city but town sounds better. doesn’t it?

Tomorrow will be my first day at Gower College.
I will be shown my studio, get the paper work rolling and maybe pin a few things to the walls to get me going.
In preparation for returning to reality after the xmas season, I took off into town for a few hours.
It has been five years since I spent time in Swansea and it seems that everything and nothing has changed.
The shops are all moved around, some are closed and boarded up, but the buildings remain the same.
There are a few new additions, and some places are a little more run down.
The people haven’t changed.
I notice the accent particularly heavily this time and realize how Canadian I must sound.
The market stall vendors treat me as a tourist, giving a second take when I speak and asking if I am on holidays. It is a re-run of my first several years in Canada but backwards. The chit chat was worth it however, as I bit into that first corned beef pastie. yum yum!
I wandered through the stores and took a few pictures of the buildings.



I have often enjoyed the experience that looking up can give you in Swansea.
It is easy to walk through town, in the wind and rain, staring at nothing but the ground. Lifting your head slightly only gives you a view of commercial ventures, both struggling and successful, that have squeezed themselves into spaces last renovated in the sixties. But, with a head held high, the city reveals its history in aging buildings in various states of glorious disrepair.




Obviously I am one of those people that likes old things. So I will leave you with a castle. I did miss castles!



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