Salubrious Studio

I have my studio!
For the next three months, when I am not eating or sleeping, this will be my base.

Yesterday I had a tour of the college and some quick introductions.
I can’t remember any of the names that I was given and am quite certain they are going to find me lost in a cupboard somewhere before too long. It is an older building that was once an all girls school, and is a little bit of a maze. I will be sure to do a post on the building’s history, and more intriguing features, in the near future.
I got a little lost even trying to get into the building and ended up in this back alley with a nice view of one of the nearby hills.

Today I took a trip to the fabric store where I found some lovely wool cloth to be put to use and, for contrast, a clear plastic material usually used as a kind of covering to protect wooden tables.

I also brought into the studio the scarce items that have travelled with me from Canada: some thread, a wool needle, a ball of black cotton twine, lengths of velvet ribbon, some paints and brushes, transfer paper and a watercolour pad.



Oh and I got a great deal on some huge balls of Aran wool in the market!
Tomorrow will be a paperwork day but I hope to be getting my hands busy by Monday.
More updates soon.

P.S – There is a place in Swansea called Salubrious Passage. I had never looked up what the word means but always liked the sound of it on my tongue. I was expecting something seedy, along the lines of Salacious, especially since it is in, what has been, an undesirable part of town. However, the word means Cheerful and Healthy!
If they say so.


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