Week 2 – Artist in Residence

My second week as artist in residence for Gower College has come to an end.
This week, I got a bit of a start on the projects I will be working on for three months. I have started a wool weaving and some collage work/drawings. Plans are percolating for some fabric works and I am getting excited to buckle down and do some sewing. I am still working from the Doris Lessing quote “the horizon of her mind was limited by the mountain”, where I am thinking of home as the first metaphorical mountain we must see beyond.
Last night I attended an artist talk by Erin Rickard at the Canolfan Center of Gower College. Erin was my predecessor as artist in residence and it was great to see how she used her time at the college and where her work is taking her. Tomorrow I will be heading to an art opening at the Mission Gallery for the ceramic artist Claire Curneen. I am excited to see this show by the 2011/12 art ambassador for Wales.
Mission Gallery is also the space at which I will have a small feature show after the residency is complete. The building that it is in was a church for sailors and it is a very interesting environment for an exhibition. I took a few pictures when I was in the neighbourhood.



The Mission Gallery is in the Maritime district of Swansea near the National Waterfront Museum. I spent several hours at the museum on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed the combination of Welsh, Maritime and Industrial history contained within the gorgeous brick building. They also had an exhibition of Graham Sutherland drawings and watercolours of industrial scenes that was quite scrumptious. It definitely got me excited to start on some drawings next week using wax crayons and watercolours.
All in all, it has been an exciting week. I have had pangs of missing home and I wish my hubby and kitty could be here with me, but I am starting to feel like I could come out of this with some interesting work to show in Canada upon my return. Yay!







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