Claire Curneen – an art opening

Today’s adventure was an art opening at the Mission Gallery.
Claire Curneen is the artist and it is a moving, vulnerable exhibition.
Her ceramic figures in white and black are engaged in a conversation with the church shaped, gallery space.
The plinths and stands act as altars to their whispered poignance.

I worked for a while as a gallery assistant at the Gallery of BC Ceramics. While I have never worked in clay, the experience of handling all those pots, cups and figures, has stuck with me. The Claire Curneen exhibition reinvigorated my excitement in all things fired.

It was also an opportunity to meet the staff of the Mission Gallery and involve myself in the community. As usual, I was nervous to introduce myself. I stayed away from the wine, which makes me babble, and forced myself to say hello. I keep hoping this will get easier but it seems I am destined to be the nervous social type. Speaking too much or not at all.

I will be returning to see the exhibit without the crowds and hopefully will be allowed to take some pictures.
Until then, here is the image from the exhibition flyer.



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