A Trip to The Tate Modern

Yesterday was a long day. We travelled to London by coach, leaving at 8am and returning at 9pm. This was a college research trip and I am grateful to have been able to join them and visit the Tate Modern. It had been a long time since my last visit and the turbine hall is as dramatic as I remembered it.

The main exhibition was Paul Klee. I paid to go in and it was fabulous to see how intricate his work actually is. I was also surprised by how small the pieces are, having only seen them in books. The colour work, especially in the grid pieces, is dramatic. I love the red!

The galleries were filled with amazing work. A few of my faves are below.

Max Ernst – The Entire City (1935)

Mario Merz – Lingotto (1968)

Jannis Kounellis – Untitled (1968)

Tracey Emin

Rosemarie Trockel – Untitled (1986)

Chen Zhen – Cocon du Vide (2000)

My favourite piece (I think) was this installation of drawings, paintings and fabric items on spikes.



Annette Messager – The Pikes (1993)

and here I am in a Gerhard Richter piece consisting of several panes of glass leaning against a wall.

Gerhard Richter – 11 Panes (2004)


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