Update from Storm Central

Okay, it may not be as bad as the polar vortex that hit America, but it has not stopped raining since I arrived in Wales. Luckily this is the land of hills and so nearby flooding has been minimal. Somerset, on the other hand, has seen nothing but trouble with water still covering villages and fields.

In other news. my hubby is coming for a short visit. He will be arriving on Wednesday and I am very excited. He has often mocked me for my dislike of rain, saying that I moved from the most rainy place in the world (Wales) to the second most rainy place in the world (Vancouver). This time he is leaving the cold but sunny conditions in BC for a wonderful holiday with his wife in the rain.

I have a couple more days of work to put in at the studio before the Open Evening at Llwyn y Bryn campus of Gower College. The event runs from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, this Thursday. I will be dragging the hubby along to keep me company, see the studio and meet the lovely staff. After the open evening I will be taking a week off to spend time with my man and take a weekend trip to Cardiff. Lots of fun and dinners are expected for that week before I knuckle back down to art and workshops.

For now here is the fieldscape garment I have been working on. It’s getting somewhere but I am yet to decide how it will be worn and performed.



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