Open Evening, Open Studio

Tonight is the Open Evening for potential students at the Llwyn y Bryn campus of Gower College. That means Open Studio time for me. Anyone who wants to pop in and see what I have been up to is welcome. The event takes place between 5:30 and 7:30pm tonight.

My hubby arrived last night from Canada and will be spending a week here in Wales. I will be dragging him along to the open evening tonight and introducing him to the lovely people at Llwyn y Bryn. Then we are set for a busy week of visiting people, eating out and sightseeing.

In preparation for not being the studio for a little while, I really knuckled down this week. In particular, I focused on the work I had made so far and on defining what they would be. Part of my process is to find materials that are interesting to me and have a link to the place I am dealing with. Then I do a little research, looking at books, browsing the internet and exploring my own memory/general knowledge. I look for literary phrases that could politicize and poeticize the place and search for historical crafts or material use that are important to the place. Next, I knuckle down to work. The materials and my memory, guide the making, while mistakes and material slips are allowed to exist as evidence of the human hand and lost knowledge. Eventually, I have to take control again and consider how these objects will be viewed, what final form they will take and whether text will be brought into the form. These rules are not strict. They provide me with a guideline that gets me back on track when the work seems overwhelming but they also allow for the happy accidents of material exploration and poetic word play.

Here is the work as it exists at this moment.






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