Labouring On

I was back in the studio this week, labouring on with the pieces I have started. There is often a point in my work where the labour becomes a little obtrusive. I start out needing the rhythm and ritual of a tedious task. Whether this is sewing, knitting, weaving or cutting, the repetitive action gives me time to think and develop an idea of where the work might be heading. Slowly the objects and the ideas begin to form. At this point I begin to get an understanding of what I would like to do next but there is usually another week or two of laborious work to do before these actions can take place.

At the moment, the two fabric pieces are within reach of being completed. There are more threads to weave, more fringe to be attached and more ends to be snipped but I can see how they will resolve. The knowledge that they will not change much from now until the end sometimes makes it difficult to keep going.

It is my goal to complete the fabric pieces within the week. It is March 1st next Saturday which is Saint David’s Day in Wales and I would like to mark the day by being able to wear the garments (albeit in the privacy of the studio). From there I will move onto the performing, photo taking, drawing and possibly printing that will be my activity for the month of March. It is half term at the college next week and so I should be uninterrupted in my labours. March also promises to be packed full of student workshops and preparation for exhibiting the work.

Wish me luck and perseverance!



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