Foundation Workshop

Yesterday was workshop day with the Art and Design Foundation students at Llwyn y Bryn, Gower College. As Artist in Residence at the college I provide workshops to students within the visual arts, fashion, textiles and design programs.

Yesterday the students were encouraged to doodle on fabric to the sound of poetry. These doodles were then used to create cutouts that could be mounted on other fabrics or act as a lace-like textile. In addition, the students contributed a drawing to a collaborative work. They were given the restriction to only use the colour blue and to keep in mind the cut out techniques, as this will be applied to the larger work at a later date. I showed works by Ed Pien and Kara Walker as well as examples of delft ware and toile.

The students were great and I enjoyed talking to them about my work and life in Canada. I think my workshop skills could have been better and the project a little more cohesive but I will be making adjustments for the next group. Thank you Foundation students for your patience with me!




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