Life as a Busy Artist (In Residence)

It is go, go, go around here.
The sun has finally decided to shine though, thank goodness.
I am in need of the energy boost that the spring sunshine is giving out.

Last weekend I spent some time in Cardiff. One of my hosts at the college, artist Mike Murray, was kind enough to put on an artist dinner. At the dinner were a few members of the Cardiff Arts Collective as well as his lovely family. It was amazing to be in a home where Welsh is spoken as fluently as English and often both within the same sentence. We also visited the gallery G39 in Cardiff, where crate like studios were set up in the warehouse space and much making was being pursued.

Back to work and this week I am running a workshop on wire weaving as well as one on textile collage. Today was spent cutting pieces of wire, wool and other materials ready for students to experiment with. It is a learning curve for me to put on these short workshops but after the next three weeks I think I will be an expert. Until then, I am keeping my sore little fingers crossed that I have done enough snipping to keep the students busy tomorrow.

In the studio, I have almost finished my fabric pieces and am getting ready for the group show at Oriel Canfas in Cardiff. The exhibition is of the work of Lisa Marie Tann alongside the Cardiff Arts Collective. I have been asked to contribute something and am excited to see my pieces alongside the work of this group of artists. The show opens on Sunday between 2 and 4 pm and I will be sitting the gallery for a couple of days next week.

Despite the crazy schedule that has developed for the next few weeks, I still have many goals for my last remaining time in Wales. I will be completing several more workshops, getting my artist statement and documentation ready for the feature at Mission Gallery and hopefully will find the time to create some drawings or prints to accompany the fabric works I have already made. I have been working on these collages that may become drawings but am yet to decide how I will proceed.




Oh and I am also working on getting some sort of collaboration happening in Canada. Fingers crossed, this adventure could just be the beginning of a Wales/Canada connection.


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