Wine, Workshops, Wire and Weirdness

Oh yes. My life this past week has been full of wine, workshops, wire and weirdness. Not necessarily in that order.

The exhibition at Oriel Canfas in Cardiff opened on Sunday. It is a group show combining the ceramic work of Lisa-Marie Tann, who received a grant to create a new body of work and is exhibiting them for the first time in the space, with the many talents of the Cardiff Arts Collective. Despite disparate material choices there is a strange cohesion between all of our works which is really exciting. It is partly in the choice of colours, perhaps influenced by a shared landscape, but also in the way the work borders between art and craft. I am honoured to have been asked to join them in this show. It has been a fabulous opportunity to see my work, made only in the past twelve weeks, out of the studio and in a space so quickly after the making process. Often by the time the work meets an exhibition space I am tired of seeing it and a sense of insecurity and impatience has crept in. This time I am all abuzz!

Exhibition Views





Lisa-Marie Tann – Helrick Series Block and Docks Series Block


Mike Murray – Sunday Papers/Paparau Dydd Sul


Gill Murray – Sgen i’m byd i’w ddeud


Kirsty Patrick and Sian Elin – Standard Lamp 30


Michael Goode – Pop Factory, Porth


Me! – A Patch/Work Landscape


Me Again! – Labour On


My workshops are continuing and just yesterday I worked with four groups of AS Level students at the Gorseinon Campus of Gower College. The challenge was making temporary drawings. They were shown the work of Robin Rhode, Richard Long and several others and had a one hour limit to create a drawing in space that could be photographed and then destroyed. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the results and hope that the students don’t mind me putting up a few pics here to show you all.

Elaina Febraro


Georgia Llewelyn


Lucy James





There are only two weeks left of my residency and it is a bitter sweet feeling. Having a space to work in and people excited to see what I will do, has been an amazing experience. Returning to my town of birth for an extended visit has been chaotic, fun, stressful and thought provoking. I have met many artists along the way and am a little envious of the community support. However, I am missing my husband, my family and the glorious landscape of British Columbia and I can’t wait for summer camping and snuggles at home.

Love to you all from Wales!

P.S – I haven’t shown Arthur the bear in a while but he is guarding my studio with the assistance of a crochet hook and a wire weaving from one of my workshops.



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