It is my last week as artist in residence at Gower College, Swansea.
In true Anne spirit, just as things start coming to an end, so a new work begins to assemble. It began with a collage made in response to the garment pieces that I have created during my time here.

The collage was photographed, shifted, then photographed again.
The plan was to create a series of drawings and this may still happen.
But one drawing in, another process took control.

The drawing was pinned to the wall and it inhabited a charcoal circle made during an earlier experiment. With nothing to lose in this last week, I began assembling drawings, materials and objects collected during my stay. They found their places within the circle and a new thing has emerged.



It will not last long since I will be leaving soon but I am putting my camera to use, documenting and who knows where that will lead. It seems to me to be a Mapus Mundi of my time here in Wales;


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