Bye Bye Studio

Today was my last day at Gower College, Swansea.
It has been a fabulous experience and I am sad to say goodbye to the fabulous staff at the college and my little space for creating within the college walls. It has been a luxury to spend three months focussed only on art and even more so to do it in my original home town.

We had a lovely lunch today before I said my goodbyes. I am hoping that we will keep in touch and that I can continue my relationship with the college from afar. There are a couple of students who have jumped into new work directly related to the workshops we have been doing. It feels great to have motivated them and I hope to see their progress. I will also be sending updates on my own work to the college in the near future.

Tomorrow is my last day in Wales. I have plans to see my nana, some packing to do and lots of goodbyes. It is going to be a busy day and a bittersweet one too. I will miss Wales and all the people I have met recently or have known since I was little.

But soon I will be back on Canadian soil with the bears, eagles, racoons and of course my family. It has been too long away from the hubby and some quiet evenings with a glass of wine are long overdue.




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