Being Home, Being Broke and Being Okay

I am home. It has been an exciting, invigorating, fun and anxious three months in Wales but I would say it has been worth it. Work has been created, old friends have been reconnected, opportunities have become possible and new friends have been made.

I would also say that I am happy to be home; just sitting on the couch and catching up on all the TV shows my hubby saved for us to watch together. It is a wondrous treat. Of course, the thing with getting home is that I also have to get back to reality. My reality is a distinct lack of money and a reliance on Len until that can be corrected, hopefully, in the near future.

Before I left I wrote up a couple of grant proposals in the vague hope that I could get some government support. Neither of them have been successful and yet I have several future art endeavours lined up that I am determined to see through. So what next? Where do I go with lots of opportunities and no money to pursue them?

Well, I guess the job search is on again. Making a little income would certainly help. If anyone hears of an opportunity in the Victoria region that may suit this retail experienced, book loving artist, give me a yell. Any one have any other tips?



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