Chanel’s Cruise 2014/2015 Collection

A Stairway to Fashion just posted these images from the Chanel 2014/2015 Cruise collection and it’s not often that I love every item on there but this time I do! Had to share my fashion crush. Enjoy.

RALUCA STOICA Chanel Cruise 2014/2015 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld decided to unveil the Cruise 2014/2015 Collection in Dubai, but not in some fancy building like the Burj Khalifa, but in an even more spectacular decor, an elaborate desert fashion show – on a man-made island, in a place where the roof was supported by fake palm trees and has the view over to the most futuristic skylines in the world – “With the highest building, I thought there was a reason to show the highest fashion, ha-ha-ha-ha,Lagerfeld said. There were cactus and henna plants, beige Bedouin tents with cushions, rugs and water pipe – luxury at its most. The real stars of the event, even if the scene was crowded with big names of showbizz and fashion industry, where the princesses and sheikhs that attended the show – it’s hard not to stare at their impeccable makeup, gorgeous jewellery and the…

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