Anne Steves @ the […] space, Mission Gallery

Hi Everyone,

I am job hunting which is proving to be a difficult prospect when you are an idealist like me.

But, I have a little exhibit on at Mission Gallery in Swansea and I want you to know about it. Showing two works made during my time as artist in residence and a video reel of my experience (with slides taken from this blog), my Mission Gallery feature will be up until June 8th. I am very sad not to be there for it as it is the perfect ending to what has been an amazing experience. The staff at the gallery and the college have been lovely and set everything up for me. I feel quite spoilt. I have also been receiving lots of selfies from family members who have made the visit, which is quite funny since this phenomena usually takes place in front of the Mona Lisa. Thank you to you all!

If you are in Wales between now and June 8th, please visit the gallery. In fact visit it anytime, it is a lovely space in an old sailors mission in the Maritime district of Swansea, Wales. Enjoy, just like these fab family and friends have…and keep sending the selfies!





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