Words for Making

This is what I recently wrote as my statement for an upcoming exhibition…

“the horizon of her mind was limited by the mountain” is a phrase taken from the novel The Cleft by the recently deceased Doris Lessing. It is also the title for Anne J Steves solo exhibition at Xchanges, Victoria. In a new series of collage and fabric works, Anne examines notions of home as the first metaphorical mountain that we must see beyond. The work in this exhibition grew out of a three month residency in her home country of Wales where she engaged with the Welsh blanket/shawl as a symbol of comfort and smothering, activism and inertia. Her work continues to explore an ever-changing understanding of the relationship between identity and place, through craft aesthetics.

and this is what popped up on my facebook page for an exhibition at The Drawing Center in New York which I would love to see…

“I’ve always felt that the textile was a particularly powerful material subject. In the hands of a maker, it can represent conformity to social norms as well as resistance and personal agency.” – Anne Wilson, artist

and this is something I made…




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